Quick Fix 6.2 Plus vs. 6.3

Drug tests are a standard procedure in corporate environments. However, this doesn’t mean corporate employees are big fans.

Instead, they despise these frequent tests and would give anything to evade them. Consequently, they frequently google  “ Spectrum Labs  Quick Fix 6.2 plus synthetic urine reviews”

However, before we get into the details of top synthetic urine brands, let’s learn what it is and why people use them.

Urine analysis is a typical method for detecting if employees abuse substances. Thus, you can either not take the test or supply a fake sample to avoid getting caught. Furthermore, not taking the test could cost you your job.


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all states!
  • Real human urine!
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The Urinator

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Accordingly, you must use the alternative method to pass the test.

Consequently, various individuals google “Quick Fix 6.2 plus synthetic urine near me.” Therefore, Quickfix is the best synthetic urine 2023 due to its authentic consistency.

Hence, it ensures you will pass your urinalysis easily, and you should know where to buy Quick Fix 6.2 plus synthetic urine.

However, before you look up a Quick Fix 6.2 plus synthetic urine review, you should know how to use it and its newest variants.

Thus, let’s see how to use  Spectrum Labs Quick Fix synthetic urine to pass drug test.

Quick Fix 6.2 Plus vs. 6.3

How to Use Quick Fix 6.2 Plus Synthetic Urine

The item often comes in a package with a plastic container and a lid filled with pre-mixed, transparent urine. Additionally, the manufacturer provides a temperature strip and a specific pad to heat the pee.

This saves you the trouble of searching for them separately.

Quick Fix 6.2 Plus Synthetic Urine Instructions

Quick Fix is pre-mixed with a strip when delivered. So all you have to do to get it going is heat it up. Moreover, you don’t need a chemical degree or specialized lab equipment.

Next, let’s see how to use this synthetic urine.

  • Purchase from Authentic Source

If you buy straight from the manufacturer, Quick Fix examines each batch before shipping. This ensures that you’ll receive a high-quality sample for your urine test.

Please refrain from purchasing fake urine from unidentified merchants. They usually ship a fake or weak version of the Quick Fix.

  • Heating the Quick Fix Sample

Heat the specimen till it reaches body temperature. You must attain 95° to 100°F.

The temperature is crucial for passing a test, so don’t overheat it. Urine that is too cool or too warm will be instantly recognized as false. Consequently, even the best fake pee for drug test may not do its charm if you don’t follow instructions.

As we’ve already indicated, the most crucial step is heating to body temperature. Accordingly, use a microwave to zap the pee bottle for ten to 15 seconds, and it will be ready.

However, employ a heating pad if you can’t maintain the temperature. This is a convenient addition to the package.

  • Check the Temperature.

After removing the urine package from the microwave, screw the lid back on and vigorously agitate the Quick Fix bottle. By doing this, the temperature is certain to be constant throughout the whole bottle.

Further, use your temperature strip to measure the specimen’s temperature after that. Additionally, the ideal urine temperature is from 94 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Next, return it to the microwave for five seconds and retest the temperature if it is not high enough. Before testing, if it’s too hot, let it simmer down a bit or fan the product with something.

Finally, avoid wasting too much pee on the test.

  • Maintain the Temperature

Wrap the warming pack around the urine bottle using a rubber band or tape. Consequently, the right body temperature will be maintained until you’re ready to utilize it.

Thanks to the heating pad, the urine bottle will remain at the proper temperature for approximately six to eight hours. Therefore, if you need it for longer than that, re-microwave it or use hot water so that the temperature is appropriate.

You may warm the urine multiple times using a heating pad. Follow the directions on the box or continue reading this post to ensure that the temperature remains reasonably constant during the entire process. Wearing two sets of underwear is advised.

Next, you can keep the sample warm and remain comfortable by placing the pack between the two pairs.

  • Providing the Sample

When you’re prepared for the urine test, shake the Quick Fix bottle. Next, check that the temperature is appropriate, and then empty the artificial urine flask into the collecting cup for the test. If you see it “settling,” that’s normal. This is also true of regular urine.

If a supervisor is present, you must pretend to urinate into the cup using a device like the Monkey Dong. However, be vigilant because looking out for ducts, straws, and loaded condoms are specifically taught to supervisors.

Synthetic Urine; Must-Have Accessories

You may think that simply knowing how to use the Quick Fix apparatus is enough to pass the test. However, there are multiple items you must know of to pass your test successfully.

This is especially true for individuals on probation who have to give a supervised drug test. This type of test is not private, and there is no barrier between the inspector and the volunteer. Hence, submitting a fake sample can be a challenge.

Accordingly, you must know all the key accessories you need to pass the test. You can rest assured that your inspector will be of your gender.

Below are the items that come with your fake urine to pass drug test.

  1. Bottle with the urine formula
  2. Heating pads to keep your urine at an appropriate temperature
  3. A cap
  4. A body temperature sticks to monitor the temperature.

The fake urine container is placed in the microwave and checked for temperature. Next, you may seal the sample to use as needed.

You can maintain the proper body temperature for up to eight hours with the Quick Fix 6.2 and 6.3 heating pads. Accordingly, you are always prepared to take your drug test.

Furthermore, you have enough time to hide it and be ready for your drug test, as an average working day is eight hours long.

Quick Fix Plus Kit

The Quick Fix Plus Kit is what you need if you’re seeking a covert way to “pass” synthetic pee. Additionally, all Quick Fix fixes are included in one comprehensive bundle.

The package includes

  • A prosthetic urine delivery system
  • A temperature gauge
  • Four stick-on hand warmers
  • One three oz synthetic pee
  • A comprehensive instruction manual.

Additionally, it is available in several varieties based on the user’s genetic makeup. This can help you prepare for any drug screening and protect you from a humiliating and traumatic situation.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Product Details

Spectrum Labs creates the synthetic urine Quick Fix. This business provides several options for surviving those irritating drug tests. Moreover, they have provided these remedies for cannabis users for more than ten years.

Accordingly, refining the formulations and creating new products to simplify lives is their forte.

If you’re looking for Quick Fix synthetic urine directions and want to know where to get Quick Fix synthetic urine, get in touch with the distributor.

The product is not certified by the FDA. However, it is completely safe for utilization. Moreover, the majority of reviews show that it is a success. Hence, you can rest assured that it will save your job in an emergency.

Product Website www.quickfixurine.com
Contact Number 1-866-364-5738
Email Address [email protected]
Postal Address 513 VENTURES, LLC

8190 Beachmont Ave, Suite 312

Cincinnati, OH 45255

Timing 9 AM to 8 AM (weekends off)

Cost of Quick Fix 6.3 Synthetic Urine Near Me

In this part of the Quick Fix 6.3 synthetic urine review, we shall look at the cost. The package comes in two volumes, two and three-oz packages. Thus, you can check the one which suits you.

We would advise you to get one with multiple testing opportunities. This is because you must practice using the fake pee apparatus to ace it in a real scenario. Further, practice atleast three to four times before your test date.

Accordingly, you can buy a suitable package from the table given below.

Also, you should keep multiple Quick Fix packages around in case you have to give a retest on the spot.

Additionally, Quick Fix includes a money-back guarantee, so you can always just send it back if it doesn’t work.

Every purchase comes with a “200% satisfaction guarantee,” and you have 30 days to return the item.

Nevertheless, there won’t be many unfavorable Quick Fix Plus testimonials that criticize the guarantee given.

Two oz Package

Package Single Two oz Bottle Two pack Two oz bottles Ten pack Two oz bottles
Total Volume Two oz Four oz 20 oz
Number of Tests One to Two Two to Four 10 to 20
Savings Per oz 0% 14% 48%

Three oz Package

Package Single 3 oz bottle Two pack 3 oz bottles 0 pack 3o oz bottles
Total Volume Three oz Six oz 30 oz
Number of Tests Two to Three Four to Six 20-30
Savings Per oz 61% 66% 80%



Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all states!
  • Real human urine!
See Deal →

The Urinator

  • A reusable electronic device that holds and heats your urine sample to the body temperature!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)
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Can Labs Detect Synthetic Urine 2023?

Many laboratories have begun to check samples to see if they contain urea. Before the development of this new technology, it was impossible to be detected using synthetic urine.

Nevertheless, to pass drug tests, you must pick a urea-containing product. Numerous product producers state that uric acid and urea are interchangeable.

However, they are not interchangeable. The staff at the testing labs will be able to tell whether your sample is fake if a urine test cannot find urea while identifying uric acid.

Consequently, they’ll declare the sample invalid, which will get you in trouble. Therefore, pick a good synthetic urine sample for your drug test only if it includes urea.

You can take care of this by using Quick Fix, which is guaranteed to pass any drug test that looks for urea in the urine sample.

It is undetectable and hasn’t failed a drug test, including urine. Moreover, these outcomes are supported by numerous Quick Fix evaluations that are available online.

Uric acid and urea are the two primary components of Quick Fix. It is chemically adjusted for pH, chemicals like creatinine, plus specific gravity, and contains pre-mixed urea.

As technology advanced over time, many recipes for fake urine developed.

The most recent version of the renowned trademarked premixed laboratory urine is Quick Fix is “Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Plus 6.3”.

Understanding the Composition

Urea is a material with an organic chemical composition that is essentially human waste. Your body naturally creates it as it decomposes proteins, also known as carbamide.

Further, ammonia, amino acids, and proteins are all metabolized by your liver. Your kidneys then send the urea from your circulation into your urine.

Your body normally eliminates nitrogen by producing urea, primarily through urine from living people. However, sometimes it occasionally occurs through perspiration.

The average person excretes 30 grams of urea daily in either solid or liquid form. Also, the present form is created by dehydrating ammonium carbamate at high heat and pressure from carbon dioxide and ammonia.

Pure urea has a pH equilibrium when dissolved in water and contains around 46% nitrogen. These substances are processed by your kidneys, bladder, urethra, and ureters so that you can naturally eliminate them.

Your body eliminates waste products as additional water and toxins pass through it and are excreted in the urine.

The Quick Fix fake pee for urinalysis is composed of substances often seen in urination. Accordingly, it has undergone several various formulae as technology has advanced.

Consequently, the variations between the most recent Quick Fix 6.2 version and Quick Fix Plus 6.1, 5.7, 5.0, and 4.0 are very significant.

It is chemically adjusted for pH, chemicals like creatinine, and specific gravity and contains pre-mixed urea.

Therefore, you can trust  Spectrum Labs Quick Fix 6.3 synthetic urine reviews for your weed/cannabis or THC test.

Comparing Quick Fix with Sub Solution

Quick Fix Features

The Quick Fix 6.2 artificial urine mixture resembled the brand’s most recent 6.3 patent recipe. The shelf life of the 6.2 formulations was nevertheless less. Accordingly, the shelf life of Quick Fix synthetic urine 6.3 is longer, at around two years.


  • Online reviews for the Quick Fix synthesized urine are mostly favorable. You can confirm this by reading the reviews.
  • It is inexpensive, reasonable, and offers covert alternatives for shipment and delivery.
  • At Spectrum Labs, the fake urine is examined for effectiveness.
  • Amazingly, the Quick Fix excrement has a two-year shelf life.
  • To give the specimen a few days later, the fluid can be heated as needed.
  • The product’s maker promises a 99.9% performance level in passing drug tests and a full refund if it doesn’t.
  • When compared to the various detox beverages and medications on the market, the Quick Fix artificial urine is simple.
  • Even though it is synthetic, fake pee easily passes tests because it shares many characteristics with real pee.
  • Because of the way the product is packed, it may be microwaved without risk of an explosion, provided the top is removed first.


  • Urine volume is limited with only two and three oz volumes available
  • It is hard to find the high-quality authentic version in shops.

Sub Solution Features

Clear Choice is a trustworthy artificial urine sample. However, this synthetic urine doesn’t come in liquid form, in contrast to many products on the market. The alternative is a powder you combine with water to resemble human pee.


  • Contains 14 chemicals found in urine
  • Latest Quick Fix version 6.3 is not as advanced as Sub Solution
  • Quick Fix doesn’t smell like urine or produce foam (doesn’t contain albumin)
  • Sub Solution looks, smells, and froths like human urine
  • Sub Solution uses heat activator powder rather than a heating pad


  • Needs mixing with water
  • Takes more time to use than its liquid alternatives

Comparing the Quick Fix 6.3 with 6.2 Plus

We carefully examined the variations between the Quick Fix 6.3, Quick Fix 6.2. Consequently, we discovered that they are all equally successful in passing drug tests, with the Quick Fix 6.1 coming in third.

The only distinction between these two varieties of fake urine is that Quick Fix 6.2 arrives in a two-ounce container. In contrast, Quick Fix 6.3 offers a three-ounce alternative. Additionally, the Quick Fix 6.3 solution has a two-year shelf life.

The Quick Fix 6.3 and 6.2 editions are allegedly the best products on the market because of the addition of a new fake pee mix.

There isn’t much of an upgrade in the sample other than the package change from Quick Fix 6.2. Furthermore, Quick Fix, artificial urine already promises a 99%+ passing rate for drug tests.

The upgrade to Quick Fix 6.1 version is excellent because it confirms that this company has your best interests at heart.

Where to Buy Quick Fix 6.3 Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine Quick Fix is not readily accessible. One of the product’s drawbacks is its restricted availability. According to ICW Global, Quick Fix synthetic urine is currently marketed on various platforms, including Amazon shop.

However, the authorized Spectrum Labs website is the best place to get it from. Additionally, the website offers Detox Drinks, Pee Tests, and Pee Additives in addition to synthetic urine.

Moreover, you may immediately purchase it from Quick Fix’s website because several discreet delivery choices are available. Thus, you may easily pick overnight shipping from the company’s quick delivery options in an emergency.

You can find excellent delivery alternatives and coupons on Quick Fix’s official website. Thus, google “Quick Fix discount codes” to find them. If you’re fortunate, you could find some great coupon code deals to help you save money.

You may seek authorized Quick Fix suppliers and authorized resellers in addition to the Spectrum Labs website.

Make sure you also have a trustworthy vendor when you find a distributor. On the product, look for the Quick Fix seal. Also, take note of the batch number and formula.

Furthermore, check the expiration date of the Spectrum Labs  Quick Fix synthetic urine to pass drug test.

Avoid items about to expire; if the synthetic urine is beyond its expiration date, it may break down and provide unfavorable results.

Customer Response

Most Piss Perfect Quick Fix Plus kit users have reported success. However, others have criticized the prosthesis for its lack of subtlety. Moreover, the design may be slightly more realistic to reduce suspicion.

Thus, customers have generally had no problems using the kit and passing a drug test.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Quick Fix 6.3 synthetic urine?

  • Purchase the item from the official website.
  • Take off the bottle’s cap.
  • Heat it till it reaches body temperature. 95° to 100° F must be attained. Further, the temperature is crucial for passing a test, so don’t overheat it! Urine that is too cold or too hot will be instantly recognized as false, and your livelihood may be over.
  • Start by giving the bottle a good, lengthy shake to ensure all the contents are blended.
  • Pour the specimen into the test-related container.

What happens if I don’t follow the Quick Fix 6.3 synthetic urine instructions?

The Quick Fix synthetic urine instructions are given to pass your urinalysis successfully. Thus, you will fail to submit an appropriate sample if you get lazy and aren’t precise when preparing your fake urine.

Consequently, you risk losing your job if you fail to follow the precise instructions. Furthermore, you can find the instructions in this post, so read them carefully.

How can I read the Quick Fix Plus strip?

You can read the Quick Fix Plus temp by looking for a green hue under the digits.

It takes a moment to adapt, but once it does, the measurement is precise enough to tell if the temperature is too hot or too cold.

What is the appropriate Quick Fix Plus temperature?

The ideal temperature range for Quick Fix is between 95 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is what’s considered to be a typical temperature for freshly excreted urine.

Can you freeze Quick Fix 6.3?

Quick Fix can be frozen because freezing won’t change the chemical makeup of artificial urine. However, you should refrain from doing many cycles of freezing and thawing because, over time, it might deteriorate the sample and reduce its dependability.

Always double-check the temperature using the thermometer strip.

Can additional ingredients be combined with my Quick Fix 6.3 plus specimen?

Nothing you add to the combination changes it and might not ensure you pass the exam. The original recipe includes all the components and materials needed to complete a urinalysis.

Additionally, be careful not to combine synthetic urine samples because doing so will change the content.

What is fake pee used for?

At first, scientists used it to evaluate the pee’s effect on items like diapers, beds, cleaning chemicals, or medical equipment.

Furthermore, some people used it for pranks and fetishes as well.

However, it has become very useful for corporate employees in the US. Since some states have legalized drugs like cannabis, enterprises have been trying to avoid discipline. Thus, dope testing has become consistent, with serious repercussions for employees.

Accordingly, employees use fake urine to avoid losing their jobs during these tests.


You will discover that Quick Fix synthetic urine is far more dependable than its competitors if you compare it to other brands of comparable items.

Quick Fix is simple to use and supported by research. Further, every aspect of the product is thoroughly described on the Spectrum Labs website.

In summary, Quick Fix will always provide.All you have to do is attentively read the instructions and adhere to them.

If you need to decide whether or not to purchase Quick Fix synthetic urine, visit the company’s website. This will let you learn more about the product’s composition, shelf life, preparation, etc.

Moreover, the brand’s Quick Fix kits and bundles are among its top offerings.

We advise you to purchase the urinary gadget and the Piss Perfect kit a few weeks before your test if you intend to use them. It will assist you in adjusting the equipment and growing accustomed to it.

Briefly, Quick Fix synthetic urine 6.3 has a high success rate. In the event of a negative drug test, the brand promises to refund your money.

It also has a lengthy shelf life. If you frequently face unexpected doping tests, you can have a pack on hand and utilize it as necessary.

Therefore, take your time with things and transfer your money for a smooth urine testing experience!

Use synthesized urine from a reputable company like Quick Fix if you recently used marijuana and don’t have time for a detox. Accordingly, place your order right away!